Clay Day

What a fabulous day we had at the Hearth! We started by activating our creativity in a drawing session. We really enjoyed it because, when you’re drawing with the wrong hand, with your eyes shut and without taking your pencil off the page, there was no expectation to create a masterpiece; everyone could be successful.

Next, we learnt how to knead the clay to remove any air and to roll it evenly. Then, it was time to cut our tiles.

After a quick play in the park, we headed back to the Hearth to tuck into our sandwich bar in order to refuel.

We created impressions and relief on the clay, using natural materials from the shoreline (as it was World Ocean Day) as it had dried a little over lunch time. Melanie invited us into her studio to look at the kiln and some of her other pieces while the glaze was prepared.

We added a pop of colour to our work using a selection of brightly- coloured clay ‘paints’.

Face paint and a boogie (to baby shark, of course!) finished off the day nicely.


Now, we just need to wait for our artwork to be fired.


Jungle Stories

We have been working hard all week to plan, draft and write jungle stories. We based out stories on ‘The Black Hat’ and adapted the plot to tell our own tale.

We love using the chromebooks so, as an end of term treat, we typed up our stories in order to publish them. We are often drawn to books with interesting covers; we collected natural materials and used them (with paint) to create our eye- catching, jungle-y art work.

We are hoping our covers are dry in time to take our published stories home!

Maya Coding

The main character in our book- Max- is an avid gamer who finds a game set in the ancient Maya jungle. We have been trying to code our own Maya games.

First, we learnt how to code a swipe game where the player piece collects ‘prizes’ and the game resets if the player hits an obstacle. Then, we reviewed the code to find parts that we could change to fit a Maya theme and parts that would need to stay the same to make the game work.

We designed a background, player piece, prize and obstacle and then began using ‘free code’ mode to make our own games.

Collage Craziness

As part of our Maya topic, we are focusing on The Maya Rebirth Mask. We are doing a half-term long project to create our finished piece, using a range of mixed media. Our first step was to create the ‘young’ face using collage.

The results were wild and wacky but will look very effective as we layer up our masks!

Soluble or insoluble?

We absolutely love science! Today we planned and carried out a fair test to sort substances into soluble or insoluble.

We learned some new vocabulary: solute, solvent and solution and used this to correctly discuss our investigation.

We know that if a solute dissolves in a solvent, it will create a transparent solution because the particles of the solute attach to the water molecules (H20). We also know that when the substance doesn’t dissolve, it creates a mixture where the particles of substance and water mix together but don’t attach; this appears cloudy or lumpy.

Then, we proved that dissolving is a reversible reaction by evaporating water to leave salt behind.


The gift of a good ending…

The endings of stories are what we remember to most but they are also the trickiest to write. Often, ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ or ‘it was all a dream’ just doesn’t cut it. We started by reading ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ (an utterly beautiful text if you get chance to read it) and then we collected our favourite endings from a selection of texts. The texts were wrapped to keep them secret so, at the end, we chose our favourite ending to open and enjoy.

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Bringing learning to life…

What a busy couple of days we have had in Year 5! From generating electricity and soaking up the grandeur of Cragside to travelling through space in 4d and exploring the moon, we have loved every second of our school trips.

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Celebrating Shrove Tuesday in Year 5

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, first of all we thought about what Lent is all about. People have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday in preparation for Lent, to use up the valuable things from their cupboards. Although we still make pancakes today, most people don’t give up milk and eggs; nowadays, people might give up chocolate, sweets or even their phones! Some people even choose to do something new each day in Lent, instead of giving something up.

We cooked pancakes and thought about our 5 senses as we ate them. We used this experience as inspiration for our own Pancake Acrostics.